Beauty treatments

We have paired up with Urban Retreat at Home to offer the ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your own apartment. Urban Retreat has spas in Harrods and Harvey Nichols so you know you are in good hands. To make an appointment call us on +44 (0)121 285 1250 or email with your preferred time and we'll get you booked in.

  • Customised Revitalising Facial                    £55-£82.50 / 60-90 minutes

A brief consultation commences 60 or 90 minutes of facial bliss. All facials include: steaming, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extraction, face massage, masque, hydration and protection - all tailored to your own needs. Heavenly! 

  • Men's Facial                         £27.50  / 30 minutes

Specifically designed for men, this all-inclusive treatment immediately soothes, deeply cleans clogged pores, gently removes dullness and hydrates to reinforce skin's natural protective barrier. Be prepared to be smooth to the touch!

  • Body Brushing and Massage            £55-£82.50 /  60-90 minutes

This treatment will increase your circulation and stimulate detoxification, as well as helping with dead cell removal and aiding lymphatic drainage. Followed by a relaxing massage to suit your needs, this treatment can either be used to energise or relax.

  • Customised Massage                        £55-£82.50 /  60-90 minutes

You get to pick which area of your body you would like your therapist to focus on eg back, legs, feet and scalp or just indulge in a traditional full body massage, as well as an aromatherapy oil of your choice. This massage concentrates on all over well-being and eliminates tension and knots from muscles and joints. Very relaxing!

  • Body Treatment   £55  / 60 minutes

Designed by women for women, the All for Eve treatment nurtures the female body. As the stresses and strains of daily life can take hold, this treatment tunes into the female psyche and through gentle massage of acupressure points to increase your wellbeing and reduce anxiety, blood pressure and physical pain whilst improving your mobility and sleep.

  • Evening Make Up                  £27.50  / 30 minutes

Whether it is a big night out or a special event, your makeup artist will create the perfect look that will last as long as you do.

  • Manicure                         £55  / 60 minutes

A customised manicure that includes exfoliation ahead of warm oil being used over your hands which are placed into hot mitts to give a deep, nourishing treatment. This manicure is rounded off with a hand massage and a nail colour of your choice.

  • Pedicure                 £55  / 60 minutes

Your feet are soaked, toenails cut and shaped, and any hard skin is removed. Cuticles tidied and then deep, nourishing foot oil is applied over your feet before a comforting dip into heated booties for maximum moisturising. The treatment is finished off with a deep slow massage to relax your feet followed by a toenail buff. A colour of your choice is then applied to your toenails.


Book an add-on to any of the above treatments to make it a true pampering session.

  • Time for Hands (hand massage)   £13.75  /  15 minutes
  • Sumptuous Scalp Massage           £13.75  /  15 minutes
  • Happy Feet (foot massage)          £13.75  /  15 minutes
  • Shape and Polish                        £13.75  /  15 minutes
  • Finishing Touch                          £13.75  /  15 minutes